9. Early Music Analysis and Rhetoric

One trimester of this course will be devoted to rhetoric. Elements of rhetoric such as the so-called musical figures, theory of the affections and formal dispositions offer a period-related view and thus give a deeper understanding of the working and meaning of 17th- and 18th-century music. For the other trimester, early music analysis, a selection will be made from a number of possible topics, including music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance polyphony (for instance music by Josquin or Lassus), opera and other vocal music in the baroque era (for instance by Monteverdi, Purcell or Händel and J.S.Bach)  

Duration of the course
2 trimesters (1 trimester rhetoric and 1 trimester early music analysis)

Teaching method
Group tutorial

Henk van Benthem (rethorics)  
Barbara Bleij
Menno Dekker
Lourens Stuifbergen
Job IJzerman