The Musical Mind: Issues in Music Psychology

Learning Objective
The students will gain a thorough insight into a variety of subjects pertaining to the field of music psychology

Course Content 
Areas that could be discussed include:
* neuropsychology; musicians 'brains
* cognitive strategies: music making as a complex learning process
* musical memory
* how absolute is absolute pitch?
* from sound to sign
* sight reading
* dyslexia and reading music
* musical talent: an exploration of the field
* musical development in children
* music therapy
* stage fright and performance skills
* group interaction in a musical context

The selection of areas will be discussed with the students. Each student will choose a topic for a spoken presentation in the class.

Related Electives
* Developing Creativity
* Leading from Within: Ensemble Practice in Eighteenth-Century Repertoire
* Moving and Musicking with the Elderly
* The Musical Body
* Patterns of Performance: The Neuroscience of Improving Experts

Course details

teachers Marieke Oremus, Maaike Vertregt
term January-April 2020
readings Parncutt, R., and McPherson, G. (eds.), The Science and Psychology of Music Performance. New York etc.: Oxford University Press, 2002.
assessment Presentation of a paper and a take-home exam, course attendance
credits 5