Orchestral Practice and Audition Training

Learning Objective
Through an audition training programme, the course prepares students to deal with life and work in a modern symphony orchestra.

Course Description
The course is based on the idea of audition simulation. Each participant will be taken two times through the recruitment process for an imaginary post in a modern symphony orchestra, one at the beginning of the course, the other at the end. For each of the two fancied job openings, the student will be given an audition to be adjudicated by the teachers and the rest of the group. Each audition consists of three rounds, the first two of which are short and played from behind a curtain. The course devotes itself to the preparation and evaluation of these auditions. Training methods borrowed from the sports will be tested for their applicability to music performance.

Related Electives
* Contemporary Music through Non-Western Techniques (for performers)
* History of the Orchestra
* The Musical Mind
* Patterns of Performance: The Neuroscience of Improving Experts

Course details

teachers Frank Bakker, Jan Kouwenhoven
term September 2019-June 2020
requirements participants have considerable experience as ensemble players, and show a strong desire to go into a career as such
assessment assessment will be based on attendance and auditions
credits 5