Moving and Musicking with the Elderly

Learning Objective
Performing artists can use their skills and experience to enhance the lives of elderly (vulnerable) people, employing music, movement and/or drama. This elective intends to make students aware of their talents in this field, and helps them to nurture and develop these talents. They will learn how to give workshops for elderly living in nursery homes, day centers and small-scale communities. Social bonding and activation are central topics in the course. The students will encourage the elderly to participate in a combined music and movement program.
Students who have passed this course are able to create, perform and evaluate an interdisciplinary project with the intended audience (elderly people).

Course Content 
All subjects are related to the ways of working with elderly in the future work field

  • Theories and ideas concerning old age
  • Playing musical instruments 
  • Singing 
  • Dance/movement in relation to various musical styles
  • Principles of training
  • Several forms of theatrical plays
  • Intervision: the students will be stimulated to work at their personal goals by means of intervision, reflection
  • Traineeship

Course details

teachers Jacqueline Koop, Ellen van Hoek, Bob C.L. Martens
term September-December 2023
method of instruction Lectures, workshops, group lessons and individual coaching
readings Hoek, Ellen van, Bewogen Muziek: Onderzoek naar een kunstproject voor ouderen vanuit muziek, spel en beweging. Stichting Muzisch Spoor Santpoort-Noord, 2016.
  Koop, Jacqueline, Werkboek Muzisch Actief Plus. Muziek, spel en beweging. Kunst voor ouderen. Stichting Muzisch Spoor Santpoort-Noord, 2017.
assessment Attendance; the presentation of a paper; a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation of a short artistic performance with all the musical, movement and theatrical aspects on location while working with elderly people
credits 5
related electivesThe Musical Body
  Music on Prescription: The Role of Music in the Well-Being of Patients in Hospitals