Leading from Within: Ensemble Practice in Eighteenth-Century Repertoire

Learning Objective
Gaining theoretical and practical skills for singers and players in ensembles, with the emphasis on 18th century repertoire

Course content
A thorough knowledge and experience in the field of early music performance practice is a prerequisite to become a valuable member of any early music chamber music group. It may even qualify you as the leader of such a group. In this class you will learn how to develop an interpretation with the members of an ensemble. What do you listen for in rehearsals and how can you efficiently and effectively lead the musicians in a concert? 

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Style in Performance

Course details

teacher Teunis van der Zwart
term Classes are scheduled on:
  14, 21 November
  5, 12 December
  16, 23 January
  13, 20, 27 February
  5 March
  always from 16.00 to 18.00.
method of instruction Group lessons
readings Barthold Kuijken: The Notation is Not the Music (Bloomington: University of Indiana Press, 2013)
  Robert Donington: The Interpretation of Early Music. London: Faber and Faber, rev. ed. 1989 (selected chapters)
assessment Final writing assignment. Leading a short rehearsal from within your ensemble
credits 5