Introduction to Advanced Rythm

Pleasse note: this is the course that up to the 2019-2020 academic year has been offered as 'Advanced Rhythm'.

Course description
Rhythm is one of the elements that clearly differentiate music of before and after the beginning of the twentieth century. Additionally, the expansion of rhythmical possibilities has been one of the cornerstones of the last hundred years, whether through western development or through the borrowing from non-western traditions. 

‘Introduction to Advanced Rhythm’ is a twelve-week course that sets the very basic foundations of the material that will be further explored and practiced in the four-year programme ‘Advanced Rhythm’. The core elements imparted in this introductory course are: 

  • How to phrase in quintuplets, sextuplets and septuplets with more accuracy
  • Crossing accents over beats and barlines.
  • How to start creating a better sense of pulse in the musician

The course can be taken either in the first or second period.  If taken in the first period, the student can follow simultaneously the first year of ‘Advanced Rhythm’. 

Course details

teacher Jos Zwaanenburg, Jonas Bisquert, Kristina Fuchs, David de Marez Oyens
term September-December 2021 or January-April 2022. Please state your preference with your registration
assessment A short practical exam. Missing no more than 3 lessons will be allowed.
credits 3