History of the Early Music Movement

Learning Objective
To acquaint students with the history of the Early Music movement and help them become aware of their own Early Music histories. By learning about the movement’s past and its pioneering generations, students will be better able to judge what they are doing today and how to decide which directions they would like to take in the future.  

Course Content
This is both a celebratory and critical look at the Early Music movement in a primarily historical overview - from the Renaissance musicians who looked to the past for inspiration to the new directions the movement is taking today. The foundations of the movement will also be discussed - how and why did interest in music of the past develop, how have things changed in the field throughout the centuries, what do we consider “authentic”? In this context, students will be able to reflect upon their own Early Music histories, their own musical taste and how they perform. 

Course Details

teacher Mimi Mitchell
term January-April 2024
method of instruction Weekly lectures with audio and video examples.
readings Limited reading
assessment Will be based on attendance and class participation. Each student will choose an Early Music pioneer/ensemble, prepare a short presentation and submit a one-page abstract which includes sources consulted.
credits 5
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