Historiography of Music Theory: A Reading Course

Learning Objective
Students who have passed this course are able to study documents pertaining to the history of music theory independently. They know how to read them, and how to vest them with meaning for other contemporary readers.

Course Content
This is not a course about the history of music theory as such. Its focus is on the ways in which that history has been represented in the literature - most often with a view to address contemporary questions and concerns. Specific topics - such as the fundamental bass, the concept of harmonic ambiguity, and the emergence of the octatonic scale - will be addressed on the basis of selected writings, both historic and recent.

Related Electives
* Introduction to Gregorian Chant
* New Methodologies for Early Music Research
* Schenker Analysis

Course details

teacher Michiel Schuijer
term Between September 2019 and June 2020
method of instruction The student receives twelve reading assignments and responds in writing to questions delivered with each text. The course further involves a couple of individual meetings with the teacher.
assessment Assessment will be based on a complete portfolio of responses to the texts read.
credits 5