Practical Studio Technique for Master Students

Although this course has some aspects in common with the the bachelor's course in studio technique, (which focuses on demystifying and understanding the recording process), the focal point is quite different. The Practical Studio Technique course is built around working with Pro Tools, Ableton and location recording. In addition to the regular lessons you will have the possibility to make your own recordings with the exclusive 538 mobile recording studio. These recordings will be discussed in the lessons and are an important part of the learning process. 

At the end of the course you will know more about: Pro Tools, Ableton, plugins, acoustics, microphone placement, mixing and how to make your own great sounding recordings from a musicians/producers perspective. 

During the course there will be several six-hour recording sessions in the studio of the CvA, with emphasis on recording acoustic instruments and comparing different types of microphones. 

Course Details

teacher Attie Bauw
term January-June 2020
day Tuesday; 2 hours per week with several 6-hour sessions on Thursdays (17:00-23:00/planned in consultation with the class).
room 538; Studio -2
requirements enthusiasm and commitment
assessment attendance; presentation of a final mix of a recording made during the course
credits 5