Learning Objective
In these lessons the student will be coached in composing original work.

Course Description
In the first part of the course we will work in small groups based on the needs and wishes of the students. We will work along the lines of two approaches: 1. For those already experienced in composition the main focus will lay on the original work of students. We will talk and discuss different techniques as the subjects come up in relation to the work. 2. Other groups will use a more methodic approach discussing and practising different aspects of composing and composing technique. We will work on homework assigments and individual work.

In the second part of the course the lesson will be continued as individual appointments. 

Students are required to compose new material on a regular basis and to work on more specific homework assignments.

Course details

teacher Johan Plomp
term September-April
requirements Only for second-year master students
assessment Ultimately April 1st the student hands in two new, original compositions as sheet music (lead sheet) and a (rehearsal) recording.
credits 10