Kathryn Zevenbergen

Kathryn Zevenbergen’s skills on both the historic (natural) and modern horn keep her in high demand as an orchestral and chamber player. Originally from Colorado (USA), she lives in Germany, where she is working towards a PhD in Musicology at the University of Regensburg. She also holds two masters degrees, one in Horn Pedagogy from the Zurich School of the Arts where she studied with Nigel Downing and Glen Borling, and one in Early Music Performance from the Amsterdam Conservatory, where she studied with Teunis van der Zwart. She has performed with La Chapelle Ancienne (Switzerland), Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra (Italy), Nordic Baroque Orchestra (Norway), The Empyrean Ensemble (UK), Paul Taylor orCHestra (Switzerland), and countless other orchestras and chamber music ensembles across Europe and the UK.