Contribution of Stefano Malferrari

Stefano Malferrari will show how he discussed with Luca Marconi the relationship between the analysis of Chopin’s nocturne made by Marconi and a performance of that piece made by himself before reading that analysis of that piece.

Besides, he will show how the discussions carried them to write a list of additions to what is written in the score of Chopin’s nocturne and a list of potential expressive effects implied by these additions which they considered coherent with the potential expressive effects implied by the expressive artifices prescribed by that score.

Each of these additions will be played and commented on by Malferrari. These comments will introduce Malferrari’s presentation of his integral performance of this piece and his realisation of it. 

Stefano Malferrari

Stefano Malferrari performs as a soloist, with orchestra, with chamber music groups, and with contemporary music ensembles in celebrated concert halls in Italy, Europe, Asia, the Middle and South America. He teaches at the “G. B. Martini” Conservatory of music in Bologna (Italy), and conducts courses and conferences-concerts for several Italian musical institutions. He has worked as a jury member in numerous national and international piano and chamber music competitions.