Brush, verse and melody:

Performing and listening as an interdisciplinary experience
Tímea Nagy
Nuno Atalaia
Members of Seconda Prat!ca

Joined by the musicians of the Seconda Prat!ca ensemble, the two researchers will bring their joint discoveries and conclusions into a workshop-recital which combines the dialoguing arts into a shared performance experience. The pieces performed are the chanson “Au Joli Bois” by Claudin Sermisy and the madrigal “Dormend’un giorno” by Philippe Verdelot, prime examples of the musical styles performed by Ganassi and his contemporaries. The music will be accompanied by projections of details from Titian’s “Flora”, Raphael’s “Madonna with Beardless St. Joseph,” and Bellini and Titian’s “The Feast of the Gods.”

The workshop-recital will demonstrate an interdisciplinary approach to music making, where questions of sound production, phrasing and ornamentation are shown to be analogous to questions of poetic declamation, rhetorical composition, and different painting techniques such as those of oil and tempera. The singers and instrumentalists will perform small fragments, exploring the boundaries between speaking and singing, articulation and ornament, melody and counterpoint, before presenting the pieces as a whole.