Eeva Anttila: Dance as embodied learning

In this presentation I will focus on the notion of embodied learning and discuss dance as a special type of embodied learning. In my view, embodiment is a central concept in understanding the phenomenon of learning. I see the human body as the foundation and medium for all learning. Embodied learning implies that embodied activity ‐ both the actual movement and bodily experiences of the learner ‐ is fundamental in learning. Dance connects non‐symbolic, multimodal sensations with symbolic, cultural meanings in an embodied, performative activity. Through this embodied performative activity multiple meanings can be shared, negotiated and interpreted. The performance aspect of dance opens wide possibilities for learning that is grounded in embodiment.

Eeva Anttila

Eeva Anttila (Ed.Lic, Doctor of Arts in dance) is professor in dance pedagogy at University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland. Her research interests are, e.g., dialogical dance pedagogy and embodied learning. She has published widely in national and international journals and edited books. She is an active member in many professional organizations and editorial boards.