Stefan Gerritsen
Guitarist Stefan Gerritsen graduated cum laude from the master's program of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and continued his studies with the Canadian guitar virtuoso Laura Young. In addition, he received a scholarship to study with Alex Garrobé in Barcelona. He was awarded various times in international music competitions, both as a soloist and with Verso, the duo he forms with panflutist Matthijs Koene. As a soloist, he performed the guitar concertos of Villa-Lobos, Vivaldi, and Tedesco. 
Besides his solo engagements, Gerritsen has worked together with renowned ensembles for contemporary music, such as the Nieuw Ensemble and Scala, and many composers. He performed in Carnegie Hall in New York and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. He also toured in South Africa, Greece, California, and Germany. Recently Gerritsen has been involved in establishing a new repertoire for guitar and choir. Besides the classical guitar, he also plays on a 31-tone guitar, which approximates mean-tone tuning and is suitable for music written by composers such as Dowland, Sweelinck, and Weiss. He has been invited to record a disc on this instrument for Turtle records.

Danny de Graan
Danny de Graanis a composer who regularly looks over the (h)edge of classical music. In fact, he hails from his proverbial neighbours. Having started as one half of a techno duo (a genre in which he is still active as Dan Grain), he is now actively building on a wayward body of work. Averse to thinking in rigid categories, odten for exciting instrumental combinations, electronics, and unusual sound sources. What’s more, Danny is very experienced as a live performer. He is not an unworldly composer-in-the-attic, and is definitely not afraid of experimentation. A few years ago, he became fascinated by the mechanism of Antikythera, and ancient Greek analog computer from 200 BC. For his composition Antikythera Mechanism he built his own electronic machine and thus generated cycles rhythms and harmonies. One could say that the mechanism itself is a metaphor for his way of working. De Graan also likes to work with number relationships: the golden ratio is an especially important aspect in his composing. It appears in a fractal-like way in the form relationships of his works. And in the realm of pitch, he often transforms words and texts into intervals. Viewed from this perspective, all of his instrumental compositions become Lieder ohne Worte.

Yannis Kyriakides
Born 1969 in Limassol, Cyprus, Yannis Kyriakides emigrated to Britain in 1975 and has been living in the Netherlands since 1992. He studied musicology at York University, and later composition with Louis Andriessen. He received a PhD from Leiden University on his thesis 'Imagined Voices’. As a composer and sound artist he looks for ways of creating new forms and hybrids of media. In the last years his work has been exploring different relations between words & music through the use of systems of encoding information into sound, synthesizing voices and projected text. He has written over one hundred and fifty compositions, comprising mostly of music theatre, audiovisual installations and electroacoustic works for chamber and large ensembles. Prizes have included the Gaudeamus prize, the French Qwartz award, the International Rostrum of Composers prize and recently the Johan Wagenaar prize for his entire oevre. He co-founded the record label ‘Unsounds’ with Andy Moor and Isabelle Vigier, is a member of the ensemble Maze, and teaches composition at the Royal Conservatory The Hague.

Elif Murat
Elif Murat is currently a student of the Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy. She is a classically trained pianist/multi-instrumentalist, now unleashing her love for music by creating electronic music. Ever since she was a child growing up in Turkey, she studied classical piano, but she always had a huge interest in and love for electronic music. She finished her Masterʼs degree in Leipzig-Germany on classical piano whilst being always keen and open to expand her musical horizon. She was playing in concerts in Turkey, Germany and USA as a classical pianist. In the meantime she has also started to dive more into improvisation, which is the timeframe when she also started to learn the technical aspects of producing, and decided to explore electronic music more as well. This gave her the freedom she craved for years. She started a duo project with the violinist Izabela Kałduńska, with whom she played in small clubs and festivals throughout Germany. At the moment she is mainly producing and playing as a DJ. Her ultimate goal as a creator would be to combine all of her ethnic, classical, and electronic background in her productions and live performances.