Alberto Reguilón genomineerd voor AHK Eindwerkprijs

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Alberto Reguilön, alumnus van de masteropleiding compositie klassiek, is met zijn eindexamenproject Earwash genomineerd voor de AHK Eindwerkprijs 2020. De AHK Eindwerkprijs is een prijs voor het beste eindexamen van studenten van de bachelor- en masteropleidingen van de Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. De prijs wordt op 21 januari a.s. uitgereikt. 

Over Earwash
How often do you consider the health of your ears? A health that does not only refer to the most hygienic aspect of the word (although very much up to date in these Corona times) but also to finding a more personal and mentally healthy way of responding to the world around us and the constant stream of online music and (fake) news.
Inspired by the internet phenomenon of ASMR, Earwash by musician and theatre maker Alberto Granados Reguilón presents a contemporary lullaby for a sick world that you can not only hear, but also touch, smell and taste. The piece can be experienced in two different ways, running simultaneously in two different rooms, depending if you want a personal and active experience or a collective and passive one.