Myrthe Wieringa

Myrthe Wieringa


Genre: Techno


Awakenings, 909 festival, Ploegendienst festival, Into the Woods festival, Radion  and ANTIDOTE x BCCO. Also recently I did a China Tour, which really was a dream come true. Being able to travel around the globe, playing my own tracks and having nonverbal interaction with the crowd really is something special. 

As MYRA, Myrthe has emerged as a exciting artist on the rice in the techno scene. Her journey at AEMA was the beginning of a continuous exploration in music, as reflected in her words: “AEMA to me really was the start of a journey, a continuous journey that never ends. I’m coming from a musical family, but producing music at the start of AEMA in 2020 was still pretty new to me. All teachers at AEMA are highly educated and were able to professionally support me step by step. They made me not only grow technically but also creatively, and In a relatively short amount of time I learned how to produce music and play live. I graduated more than a year ago, and still I’m in toch with quite a few teachers. They are still following my journey and give me support so now and then. It’s very clear and meaningful how involved and responsible they feel about their students.’’  MYRA’s success, marked by performances at major festivals and her residency with ANTIDOTE, illustrates the ongoing nature of her artistic development since her time at AEMA.  

What Myrthe says about AEMA:
AEMA to me really was the start of a Journey, and this continuous journey never ends.

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