Francesca Clements

Francesca Clements

Klassieke muziek - master

Live Electronics


Think clearly about what you love about your instrument and study programme, stay true to that and follow your own path, at the same time stay open for other points of views and ideas and allow yourself to be challenged by them.

Nominated for the AHK Graduation Prize 2016

Electro Recorder Lab - Implementing Live Electronics in Instrumental Music Teaching

During my master study at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam I decided to research how it would be possible to Implement Live Electronics in Instrumental Music Teaching. During the process I wrote a teaching method called the Electro Recorder Lab. The teaching method included laboratories of experimentation in the form of game cards for teachers to use as sources of inspiration during their lessons, and several apps which could be used in conjunction with the physical electronics (microphones, speakers, etc).

The idea was that any teacher, with no prior knowledge, would be able to easily implement ideas about playing with technology and live electronics during their instrumental music lessons with beginner students aged 7-11.

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