Solomiya Moroz

Solomiya Moroz


Performance and composition in Live Electronics      


Experiment with everything and never settle even if something seems impossible at first. Once you have an idea of what it is you want to make, make a good plan to execute it technically but never compromise the artistic over the practical.

I chose my study programme of Master’s in Live Electronics as it was a very unique programme in the world suited especially for performers and offered at a Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I wanted to extend my creativity to also working with electronics and electronic music in combination with flute. Before the studies I was already working in an interdisciplinary context also writing and performing music however after my programme I am able to merge my professional interests with multi-media and interdisciplinary collaboration with more solid approach to live electronics.

I am going to continue with research into interdiciplinarity and live electronics since I was accepted into a doctorate programme at Huddersfield University (UK). I’m interested in continuing the work that I have started at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in creating new works and working towards a definition of an aesthetic in this particular genre of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Superheroes and the Apocalypse

Superheroes and the Apocalypse is an interdisciplinary recital of Solomiya Moroz combining flute, acoustic and electronic instruments, micro-controllers, sensors, toys, movement, acting and video in collaboration with special guests: Eva Aukes (guitar and live electronics), Marko Ivic(piano and live electronics) and Margherita Bergamo(dance and choreography). Three musicians and one dancer share the music and movement together on stage, when one movement becomes a sound sculpture and brings sound to the next gesture. From shifting landscapes to changing soundscapes, the hypnotic sound sequence is almost always present like the time that is ticking away, ignorant of the constant moving state of emergency that is just around the corner.

Overige projecten

My other projects:

Keys Wind and Strings - a quartet comprised of flute, violin, accordion and piano that commissions new music compositions from emerging and established composers.

Collaboration with Les Filles Follen - a contemporary dance company based in Barcelona. Pieces created in collaboration La Fatigue and Short Wave Apocalypse or the Box.

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