René van Barneveld

Born in Surabaya, Dutch singer and guitarist René van Barneveld played with the band GaGa in the 1980s, winning the 'Grote Prijs van Nederland’, a major pop music award in the Netherlands. Soon after that, he joined the Urband Dance Squad under the pseudonym ‘Tres Manos’, which had international success until the mid-1990s.

In addition to the guitar, Van Barneveld also plays the slide, the banjo, and he has taught himself to play the pedal steel. After the Urban Dance Squad disbanded, he joined the alternative country band The Yearlings as a pedalsteel guitarist. He also performs with artists such as  Anouk and Ilse de Lange and collaborates with Rowwen Hèze, Ernst Jansz, Beatrice van der Poel and others. Additionally, he teaches at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.