Yaniv Nachum

Yaniv Nachum's career spans various facets of music, education, and e-learning. He began his musical journey at the Israeli Jazz Academy, Rimon, before pursuing further studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and The Manhattan School of Music in NY. With a deep passion for music, Yaniv has had the privilege of performing with orchestras in the Netherlands, touring internationally with diverse ensembles, and collaborating with world-renowned ensembles and musicians.

As an educator, Yaniv has been sharing his knowledge since 2003 at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He specializes in teaching jazz improvisation and conducting for big bands and ensembles. His teaching portfolio extends to subjects such as theory, composition, and improvisation, catering to both individual students and those in ensemble settings within the jazz department.

Aside from his teaching roles, Yaniv also serves as a research coordinator at the institute's lectorate, where he actively contributes to advancing knowledge in his field. Moreover, his involvement as an instructional designer and e-learning developer has played a significant role in shaping CvA Online, the Conservatorium van Amsterdam's online education platform.

In his capacity as an E-learning specialist and instructional designer, Yaniv undertakes a range of responsibilities, including curriculum development, digital lesson creation, content management, and platform development and operation. He is dedicated to creating effective digital learning environments for students and teachers alike. Notably, Yaniv has been a key contributor to the development of the Hybrid degree program in electronic music production, reflecting his commitment to modernizing education.

Yaniv Nachum's career is characterized by his dedication to music, education, and e-learning. His modesty and passion for sharing knowledge continue to shape the landscape of these fields.

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