Section 7: Examination Results

Article 21: Determining and Announcing the Results

21.1. After having administered an oral/practical/performance examination, the examiner will determine the results and issue these to the student in a written statement, accompanied by a list of reasons in support of the results.

21.2. The examiner will determine the results of a written examination within 30 days of the day on which the examination was administered and will provide the Conservatory Registrar Office with the necessary information for issuing written proof of the results to the student.

21.3. In the written statement notifying the student of his/her results in respect of an examination, the student will be informed of his/her right of inspection as referred to in Article 23.

21.4 The examiner is responsible for promptly notifying the Conservatory Registrar Office of students’ examination results by means of a report card.

Article 22: Period of Validity

Examination components passed are in general valid for six years. However, after this period, credits can only expire as tested knowledge, insight and skills are demonstrably outdated. With respect to a certain component for which the examination was taken more than six years subsequently, the examination board can, notwithstanding the foregoing and based on a reasoned recommendation by a teacher and in case results have expired due to the above reason, require that the student take an additional or alternative examination.

Article 23: Right of Inspection

For at least 30 days after the results of a written examination have been announced, the student may request to inspect his/her evaluated work. He/she may request a copy of the aforementioned work, which will be provided at cost.