Section 14: Final Provision and Provisions Pertaining to Implementation

Article 34: Special Power of the Examination Committee

34.1 In respect of examinations and reviews governed by the present Education and Examination Regulations, the Conservatory examination board is entitled to adopt additional regulations.

34.2 In individual cases the examination board is authorized to make an exception to the Education and Examination Regulations in favour of a student if there are important reasons for doing so.

Article 35: Notification and Modification

35.1. Modifications to the present regulations will be adopted by means of a separate resolution, but not after the proposed resolution has been approved by the Faculty Participation Council.

35.2a The Education and Examination Regulations in force will be made public before the start of the academic year.

35.2b. The Faculty Board will ensure that the present regulations, the rules and guidelines established by the examination board, and any modifications of these documents are duly made public.

35.3. No modifications which apply to the current academic year will be made unless reasonable standards dictate that the students' interests will not be prejudiced. In the event of major changes from the previous Education and Examination Regulations a transitional arrangement will be made for current students.

Article 36: Entry Into Force

These regulations will come into effect on 1 September 2018. Enacted by order of the Conservatory Board on 11 July 2018 having obtained the approval of the Academy Council and the Education Committee on 25 June 2018.