Education and examination regulations 2018-2019

For the study programmes
* bachelor's degree in music - CROHO no. 34739
* bachelor's degree in music in education - CROHO no. 39112
* master's degree in music - CROHO no. 44739
* master's degree in opera - CROHO no. 49105

of the faculty of Music of the Amsterdam University of the Arts

The general articles in these regulations also apply to DNOA. For a number of specific articles general regulations are made, with the Royal Conservatoire, for DNOA. These regulations for DNOA are written down in the addendum to the CvA regulations, and are therefore a part of these regulations.

Section 1: General

Section 2: Conditions for registration and selection

Section 3: Propaedeutic Phase of the Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Section 4: Post-Propaedeutic Phase of the Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Section 5: Master's degree programmes

Section 6: Taking Examinations

Section 7: Examination results

Section 8: Exemption

Section 9: Temporary interruption and cessation of study

Section 10: Reviews

Section 11: Academic guidance

Section 12: Evaluation of the programmes

Section 13: Preservation of student work

Section 14: Final Provision and Provisions Pertaining to Implementation

Addendum: joint regulations for DNOA