Application and admission

Candidates will not only be selected on the basis of their skills as a musician, but also on the level of their original compositions.

The department has the following application procedure:

1. Please complete the online application form 
2. Please upload the following documents via a link which will be sent to you after you have submitted the application form.
* copy of diploma(s) granted
* a recent passport photo 
* copy of the page in your passport which contains the registration number
* a short biography/motivation
* three recordings of songs (at least one of the songs should be an original composition. Max upload mp3 is 10 Mb)

Candidates will be selected beforehand on the basis of the recordings submitted. If the candidate's playing on the recording matches the required level, the candidate will be invited to take the entrance examination.

The examination consists of two parts:
* a practical aural skills exam in which students are required to react to chords, to sing intervals, to clap rhythms, to set words to music and to improvise to chords.

* the live performance of three pieces, one of which at least is an original composition. Candidates should bring their own accompaniment; the Pop Department does not provide accompaniment.

Admission to the master's degree programme

Information on how to apply for the master's degree programme will be published here soon.  

Closing dates for application