Student Ensemble

Students have the possibility to organize a band, with repertoire and study objectives decided by the band members themselves. Please discuss these subjects with the group before signing up.

The student who signs up will be considered as the group leader. They are responsible for all communications to the group members, the band coach and the ensembles coordinator, and for booking rehearsal rooms and preparing, organizing and leading the rehearsals.

The group can get a set weekly rehearsal time and choose from a selection of teachers. The teacher is not the leader who decides what happens, but more of a coach who gives feedback roughly six to eights times a year. After one semester the progress of the group is reviewed during a performance, and depending on the development, they will be allowed to continue to do the next semester.

Course details

teacher choice of Jasper Blom (EEJB), Harmen Fraanje (EEHF), Frans van der Hoeven (EEFH), Sylvia Langelaan (EESL), David de Marez Oyens (EEDM), Yaniv Nachum (EEYN), Ruud Ouwehand (EERO), Joris Roelofs (EEJR), Martijn Sohier (EEMS). Other teachers can be chosen in consultation
period one term, a whole year is possible, dependent on progress; 1.5 hours per week
class size students' choice
requirements a clear written summary of:
  * the ensemble setting (names/instruments)
  * the objective and repertoire
  * the desired teacher
examination presence and evaluations during the lessons, and a final concert
credits 5 per term