Reinier Baas Artist Group: 'Parameter Approach'

The special feature of the 'artist group' is that the teacher regularly is a member of the ensemble, sharing his vision on music through his compositions, arrangements and of course his playing. This way the students get a deeper understanding of the teacher's special composing, arranging and playing techniques.

How do you practice composition? Based on the 'Parameter Approach' - Baas' new composition and analysis method - this ensemble focuses on the students' improvement of technical proficiency as composers. Tools and techniques for the development of ideas into vocabulary, as well as guidelines for notation and orchestration wil be discussed. Reinier's compositions will be used as study material and as a point of departure for the students' own work, but works by, among others, Wayne Shorter, Henry Purcell and Arvo Pärt will also be discussed. The students are encouraged to write new compositions, which will be performed in class. The final performance is a suite, written collectively. 

Course details

teacher Reinier Baas
term 1st and/our 2nd term, 1,5 hours per week
class size about 8
examination attendance (min. 80%) and performance during the lessons and the final concert/recording
credits 5 for one term
code 1MPA