Harmen Fraanje Artist Group: 'Out of the box'

The special feature of the 'artist group' is that the teacher regularly is a member of the ensemble, sharing their vision on music through their compositions, arrangements and of course their playing. This way the students get a deeper understanding of the teacher's special composing, arranging and playing techniques

The students will get weekly composition assignments focusing on various composition and arranging techniques. This will invite them to explore new ways of composing and arranging and to discover new and fresh views. As a result students will build up authentic repertoire and a more personal approach to music.

During the lessons the students will be introduced to several techniques. They will get ample opportunity to play together and to analyze their playing thoroughly, and they will be required to use these techniques in their own compositions/improvisations.

Course details

teacher Harmen Fraanje
term 1st and/or 2nd term, 1,5 hours
class size about 8
examination attendance (min. 80%) and performance during the lessons and the concerts/recording
credits 5 for a semester
code 1MOB