Ornette Coleman, The shape of Jazz to come, taught by Yaniv Nachum

Saxophonist Ornette Coleman is unquestionably one of most important figures in the avant-garde and what became to be known as 'free jazz' style. Coleman's approach to improvisation and composition brought new sounds, new colors and a new attitude to what jazz had become.

This ensemble will look into Coleman's approach to composition, improvisation and Coleman's use of time and rhythm. The material will revolve mostly around the 'Atlantic period'. During the course you will play, review and analyze the music of Ornette Coleman and you will be required to use his compositional techniques in your own compositions.

Course details

teacher Yaniv Nachum
term 1st or 2nd term, 1,5 hours per week
class size 8-11
examination attendance (min. 80%) and performance during the lessons and a final concert.recording
credits 5
code 1MOC