'Match Fixing': Classical Repertoire Group, taught by Joris Roelofs

This course focuses on ways to incorporate elements from the works of great Classical composers (such as Scriabin, Beethoven, Richard Strauss, Guillaume de Machaut) in your own music. You will discover new things about form, harmony, melody or rhythm and find a tasteful way to apply the essence of these works in your own arrangements and/or compositions. Credits are only awarded if the assignments are completed within the given time frame.

Course details

teacher Joris Roelofs
term 1st or 2nd term
class size about 8
final assignment writing a piece and/or (a part of an) arrangement using at least one key element (harmony, melody, theme, form) of at least two of the composers discussed examination
examination being present (min. 80%), evaluations during the lessons and a final concert
credits 5 per term
code 1MMF