The music of Joe Henderson, taught by Yaniv Nachum

Jazz saxophonist and composer Joe Henderson is well known for his distinct powerful yet warm and graceful sound. Although Henderson’s earliest recordings were marked by a strong hard-bop influence, his playing encompassed not only the bebop tradition, but rhythm and blues, latin, and avant-garde as well.

This ensemble will explore Henderson's style and composition and give an overview of his musical development from his early recordings to his trademark recordings during the 90s. Students will learn how to use Henderson's compositional approaches and arranging techniques in their own new arrangements.

Course details

teacher Yaniv Nachum
term 1st or 2nd term, 1,5 hours per week
class size 8-11
examination attendance (min. 80%) and performance during the lessons and a final concert/recording
credits 5
code 1MJH