Funk/Rock/R&B Group, taught by David de Marez Oyens and Sylvia Langelaan

The students choose the starting point, the repertoire. For each tune, already existing or newly composed, one student takes the responsibility to develop it into a personal rendition, using the qualities of their fellow band members. Thus different musical styles and vocabularies will be incorporated into in your own personal musical statement. From a small basis-repertoire, students strive towards an expansive programme which is directed towards at least one stage performance per term.

Course details

teachers David de Marez Oyens, Sylvia Langelaan (vocal coaching)
period whole year, 1.5 hours per week
class size about 12 (4-6 vocalists, 4 horns and rhythm section)
examination being present, evaluations during the lessons and concerts/recordings
credits 10 for the whole year
code 7DMC