Contemporary Improvisation through Non-Western Techniques, taught by Rafael Reina, Jos Zwaanenburg, David de Marez Oyens and Jonas Bisquert

For students who want to develop a wider view on the developments of the structural and rhythmical possibilities of improvisation, and a strong internal feel for time. The rhythmical elements of South Indian music theory give a starting point to the flexible yet structured incorporation of polyrhythmic, poly-timing, anti metric and variation with permutation systems. But also the development of a feeling for form and structure. The syllabus can span one to four course years. For those students who take the specialisation Karnatic Rhythm in Western Music, the pace of the material imparted can be faster. The raga-system, from the second year, shows the way to a more open use of pitch and tone colour within improvisation. During the last two months of the year students will organize a group, or participate in one (trio - quintet), with which will they prepare a guided improvisation, which will be performed at a concert in June.

Course details

teachers Jos Zwaanenburg, Rafael Reina, David de Marez Oyens, Jonas Bisquert
period whole year, 2 hours per week
class size 6-8
requirements passing Advanced Rhythm or students with a proven suitable level
toetsing presence, quality of work (including homework), evaluations during the lessons, a theory exam and a final concert
credits 10 credits per year. NB: In connection with this study load, the credits can be partly collected in individual credits or master electives (max. 5 credits).
code 4NWT1