Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor of Music course consists of a propaedeutic year (first academic year) and a main phase (second, third and fourth academic years). The propaedeutic year has an introductory nature, and may lead to students being advised not to continue their conservatory study. The propaedeutic examination concludes the first year of study.

During the main phase (second-fourth year) the required subjects are evaluated annually by means of in between exams. The learning track is determined in close consultation with the principal subject teacher.

A bachelor's diploma in music will be conferred on candidates who have successfully completed the vocal/instrumental principal study programmes. This also applies to the principal subjects of conducting and composition.


Principal private lessons are taught by a highly experienced and renowned team of conservatory teachers and guest teachers from the Netherlands and other countries. The courses on offer include individual and group lessons, a weekly Baroque orchestra class, masterclasses, workshops, lectures and combined student–teacher ensembles.

All principal subjects can also be studied as subsidiary subjects, also by students from other departments. Harpsichord as a subsidiary subject (or some other keyboard instrument) is compulsory for students in the bachelor's degree programme. It is an optional subsidiary subject for master's degree students. The subject of basso continuo is compulsory for students of keyboard, historical harp and lute-theorbo.

The general curriculum is supplemented by a range of chamber music, orchestral, opera and other practically oriented projects. The Early Music Department supports ensembles and projects undertaken by the students.

Theoretical subjects provide students with the necessary insight into melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and formal structures. Students in the first year of the bachelor's degree programma follow the general programme. Other students follow the post-propaedeutic programme; within this theory course a specific early music adaptation has been made, which consists of the following subjects:

Harmony in Performance Practice

Basics of HIP (BoH)

Early Music Course (EMC) – Biannual Cycle

The Harpsichord

Open Score Playing, Notation, Clefs

Gregorian chant

Course on Sources & Resources