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The next edition of the Amsterdam Early Music Week will take place from 5 until 8 January 2022, with masterclasses, ensemble lessons and presentations.

More information will be available from September 2021. Application will also be possible at that time.


13th Amsterdam Early Music Week

January 5 - 8, 2022

The Amsterdam Early Music Week is a course in the historically informed performance practice of Baroque and Classical music. The course is open to participants (instrumentalists as well as vocalists) with an interest and some background in Early Music at a conservatory or professional level.

Participants are offered – as a minimum:

  • 3x 1 hr 1-to-1 lesson
  • 2x 1 hr ensemble lessons
  • admission to:
    • workshop baroque dance
    • workshop ornamentation
    • lunch lectures cycle on Basics of Historically Informed Performance Practice o final presentation of the participants ensembles o practice and rehearsal rooms, including keyboard instruments o loan instrument, in case you can’t bring your own (to be approved and arranged beforehand)
    • lots of chances to play with fellow students from all over the world

In order to make efficient use of the compact course time each participant is scheduled beforehand in an ensemble, including repertoire. This is done by course teachers, based on the information participants have provided together with their application. Participants can express their preferences for this, including the choice not to take part in an ensemble (not recommended). In rare cases there may be room to take part in a second ensemble.


The course is open to any repertoire from the Baroque (performed preferably in a = 415 Hz) and Classical period (performed preferably in a = 430 Hz).


Xenia Meijer voice
Antoinette Lohmann baroque violin, baroque viola
Sayuri Yamagata baroque violin, baroque viola
Mieneke van der Velden viola da gamba
Margaret Urquhart violone
Marten Root traverso
Joseph Domènech baroque oboe
Nicolas Isabelle natural trumpet
Menno van Delft harpsichord, clavichord
Kris Verhelst harpsichord, basso continuo
Fred Jacobs theorbo 
Constance Allanic baroque harp



For more information, please email Erik van Lith:


Stay informed

Click here to subscribe to the Early Music newsletter