Tuning and Temperament

Course Description
This course will give an overview of western and non-western tuning principles. We will not only study Pythagorean tuning, meantone temperament, Werckmeister I-IV, and Huygens’s 31-tone system, but also look into  the work of Harry Partch, and the microtonal intonation of South-Indian Janaka, Janya, and Bhasanga raga. However, the course is mainly practical in outlook. Your will train your ears with exercises supported by the electronic simulation of tunings. (For this, you will receive an application that can be operated on your own computer.) The training will be tailored to practical application in the performance of early and contemporary music.

Course details

teachers Jorge Isaac, Jonas Bisquert, guest teachers
term September 2022-June 2023
method of instruction Bi-weekly sessions in the first and second terms.
readings Murray Barbour, J., Tuning and Temperament: A historical survey. Mineola, NY: Courier Dover Publications, 2004.
  Di Veroli, C. Unequal Temperaments: Theory, History and Practice. Bray: Bray Baroque, 2009.
  Partch, H., Genesis of a Music. New York: Da Capo Press, 1974.
assessment The performance of a work that uses one of the tuning principles discussed. The work can be performed by your own ensemble, or a group of participants (minimally a duo).
credits 5
related electivesAdvanced Rhythm