Style in the Performance of Classical and Romantic Repertoire

Learning Objective
In this course students will learn how to apply the most suitable expressive tools for repertoire from a given style period.

Course Content
We will form ensembles with which you can experience the impact of different approaches to vibrato, portamento, tempo, etc., in pieces from different style periods. The repertoire will be chosen by the students in consultation with their principal subject teachers and Johannes Leertouwer.

Course details

teacher Johannes Leertouwer
term 5-6 weeks between September 2022 and June 2023. To be scheduled with the teacher and the students involved
method of instruction Weekly coaching sessions on Friday afternoons
readings Treatises and methods pertaining to the repertoire in question
assessment A performance and short lecture about artistic choices including a reflection on the process. The process and final presentation will be judged by the teacher, resulting in a numerical grade.
participation Open to all master students. Bachelor students can participate in the ensembles. Master students have larger responsibilities: playing solos, or soloist parts, preparing material, providing information on historical background, first to fellow students and ensemble members and, in the final presentation, to the audience.
credits 5
related electivesBaroque Dance: Practice and Notation
  History of the Early Music Movement
  History of the Orchestra