Harmony and Analysis Practicum

Learning Objective
To further develop the harmonic, contrapuntal, and analytical awareness of students at the master’s level.

Course Content
The Harmony and Analysis Practicum enables master’s students from all different backgrounds to reinforce and further develop their theoretical and practical skills, in the areas of (tonal) harmony, counterpoint and analysis. The course is geared towards students who feel a gap in their prior theory instruction as well as those who wish to continue to build on what they have learned elsewhere. Students will take their own repertoire and musical interests as the point of departure. They will learn to become independent in analyzing their repertoire, and become more versatile in composing with harmony and counterpoint through hands-on exercises and customized instruction by the teacher. Every piece of music is different, as is every student’s background and needs—this course aims above all to accommodate such differences and needs.

Course details

teacher Ward Spanjers
term September 2022-June 2023
participation Optional for all master students
method of instruction Group lessons (weekly), which will mainly take the form of small, practical workshops.
readings T.b.a.. Materials will also be supplied by the teacher in the form of handouts, course packets, and assignments.
assessment A portfolio of written harmony/counterpoint work (including model compositions); analysis assignments; and/or oral presentations.
credits 5
related electivesInstrumentation and Classical Arranging