Building a Successful Professional Practice

Learning Objective 
This course teaches musicians how to develop a professional career. Subjects include networking, programming, finances, grants, agents and managers, audiences, educational projects, branding, marketing, communication, time management and personal leadership.

Course Description
Intensive seminars given by Aart-Jan van de Pol and guest teachers. Renowned musicians, festival leaders, concert and label managers, music educators, and media specialists will give their views on musical life and cast judgement on your proposals. These experts offer not only a wealth of artistic insight and management experience, but also an opportunity for critical discussion and feedback.
The invited guest teachers in previous years included Alban Wesly (Calefax Reed Quintet), Lestari Scholtes (Grachtenfestival), Jared Sacks (Channel Classics), Lucine Schippers (Tivoli Vredenburg), Ruud Hoevenaar (Fontys Rockacademie) and Tim Moen (Content manager radio 4). Please note that this list may be subject to change.

Course details

teachers to be announced, guest instructors
term September-December 2022 and January-April 2023
readings provided by (guest) teacher(s)
assessment active participation in weekly seminars; weekly assignments; final assignment

credits 5
related electivesInstrumentation and Classical Arranging
  Creative Performance Lab
  Music for an Inclusive Society