Classical Master Electives

Each student should take at least two electives and earn a minimum of 20 credits with them in two years. 

If you want to register for an elective, please send a mail to Tatiana Nunes Rosa.

Courses which have less than five registrations before July 1, will be cancelled.

NB! Some of the courses listed below are mandatory or recommended for students of certain principal subjects or specializations. Please check the information on your principal subject or specialization in the Study Guide or on Classical or Early Music principal subjects these pages to find out if there are any courses that you are required to take. In that case, they will still count to your electives package of 20 credits.

Each elective can be combined with others so as to create a connected package. The course descriptions below contain suggestions for such combinations under the header 'Related electives'.


Classical DepartmentAnalysis and Performance Paul Scheepers
  Baroque Dance: Practice and Notation Rachel Davies-Farr
  Building a Successful Professional Practice Aart-Jan van der Pol, guest instructors
  Contemporary Music through Non-Western Techniques David de Marez Oyens, Rafael Reina, Jos Zwaanenburg
  Developing Creativity Sander van Maas
  Electronic Music Jorrit Tamminga
  Freedom and Improvisation Joris Roelofs
  From Lully to Boulez: Musical Life in Paris through the Centuries Michel Khalifa
  Historiography of Music Theory: A Reading Course Michiel Schuijer
  History of the Early Music Movement Mimi Mitchell
  History of the Orchestra Johannes Leertouwer
  Instrumentation and Classical Arranging Michael Langemann
  Introduction to Gregorian Chant Richard Bot
  Leading from Within: Ensemble Practice in Eighteenth-Century Repertoire Teunis van der Zwart
  Moving and Musicking with the Elderly Jacqueline Koop, Ellen van Hoek
  Music Theatre and Stage Performance Jorge Isaac
  The Musical Body Marja Mosk
  The Musical Mind: Issues in Music Psychology Marieke Oremus
  Musical Texture Amit Gur
  New Methodologies for Music Research Mimi Mitchell
  Orchestral Practice and Audition Training Frank Bakker, Jan Kouwenhoven
  Patterns of Performance: The Neuroscience of Improving Experts Beorn Nijenhuis
  Reading Black Music - Key Texts on African-American Music Walter van de Leur
  Schenker Analysis John Koslovsky
  Sources and Resources: From Manuscript to Edition Andrea Friggi
  Style in Performance Johannes Leertouwer
  Technological Strategies in Composing and Performing Arnold Marinissen
  Tuning and Temperament Jorge Isaac, Rafael Reina

Students may choose the following courses for individual credits (but NOT) for master elective credits:

Advanced Rhythm Jos Zwaanenburg