Bass Clarinet

Section representative: Hans Colbers

Apart from principal-study tuition, teachers also organise group lessons (including for instance repertoire classes for flutists). Students take orchestral classes. Furthermore, workshops and masterclasses are organised regularly by the various principal-study sections. Apart from orchestral projects, there are special projects for wind players and chamber music.

Admission requirements
• etudes (both staccato and legato) to be chosen from the following: A. Uhl  part I; W.F. Bon
• pieces with piano: Rob du Bois - Fusion pour deux; Othmar Schoeck - Sonate; Paul Hindemith - Sonate (bassoon)
• minor and major scales up to and including three sharps and three flats with triads

After the two-year course, students will be ready to enter the professional music world at the highest level.

Admission requirements

1. The candidate will perform a programme which may not exceed 30 minutes. He/she is required to play at least one piece from memory.

2. The candidate must submit a list of repertoire with a proposed programme for the entrance examination to the CvA study secretariat before February 1st. This programme will include a variety of musical styles. The admissions committee will evaluate the proposed programme and make any necessary changes. General requirements may be obtained from the representative of the section.

3. Required works for the entrance examination include: Tristan Keuris - Concertino (plus string quartet), Othmar Schoeck - Sonata, P. Hindemith - (Bassoon) Sonata.

4. Clarinettists having played little of the contemporary repertoire for bass clarinet during their studies will play: Debussy - Cello Sonata, Bach - Cello Suites.

Erik van Deuren principal subject
Davide Lattuada regular guest teacher of bass clarinet as a subsidiary subject