Guitar / Flamenco

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam offers one of the most versatile guitar programmes of its kind. It has been designed for its graduates to meet the demands required from professional guitarists today.

The programme is designed for students to achieve excellent skills and understanding of guitar technique and repertoire. Additionally, it offers a wide range of possibilities of specialisation both within the classical guitar section and through cross-department electives. The classical guitar is unique compared to most other classical music practices in that its repertoire and playing techniques cross over to a wide range of music genres.

Flamenco is highly associated with the Spanish derived classical guitar repertoire. Due to the minimal difference between the instruments traditionally used by both flamenco and classical guitarists the two styles are naturally interrelated. Therefore flamenco guitar studies are an important part of the guitar programme at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Those lessons are taught by Eric Vaarzon Morel who can also accept full-time students who wish to complete a flamenco-specialised degree.

Furthermore, in modern times the guitar is highly associated with popular culture. It is therefore considered important that students gain a basic knowledge of electric guitar in popular styles and jazz, for the purpose of broadening the opportunities and understanding the student has of the instrument at large. This is particularly known to be useful when it comes to a teaching situation, whether private or institutional. The electric guitar course is given by Hans Kunneman. Additional courses offered by the guitar section are Baroque Guitar and Lute.

Admission requirements
Audition candidates will be selected on the basis of a video recording, to be submitted digitally via the application form before February 1st.

Duration of the entrance exam is 25 minutes. The exam includes:
• 20-25 minutes of music of different periods and styles. This must include the set piece: Federico Moreno Torroba (1891-1982) - Sonatina, first movement (Allegretto)
• a short interview regarding the candidate’s previous studies and the possibility of admission to the CvA (5 min)

Please note: all works should be played from memory.

The student will concentrate on the further mastering of all aspects of guitar playing. After two years, the student will be ready to enter the professional music world at the highest level as a soloist and as a chamber player.

Admission requirements
Audition candidates will be selected on the basis of a video recording to be submitted digitally via the application form. Recordings must be received by February 1st at the latest.

1. The candidate will perform a programme consisting of 25-30 minutes of music of different periods and styles. This must include the set piece: Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), Sonata K.1 (L.366) - Arrangement free of choice. All pieces are to be played from memory

2. The candidate must submit a list of repertoire with a proposed programme for the entrance examination to the CvA study secretariat before February 1st. This programme will include a variety of musical styles. The admissions committee will evaluate the proposed programme and make any necessary changes. Programme guidelines and requirements may be obtained from the representative of the section.

3. If the student chooses a specialization, it must be noted in the admissions examination programme. Such specializations may include:
• contemporary repertoire
• historical performance
• chamber music

Gabriel Bianco principal subject
Izhar Elias early guitar, chamber music
Fred Jacobs lute, Remaissance guitar
Eric Vaarzon Morel flamenco
Hans Kunneman electric guitar as a subsidiary subject
Marion Schaap methodology