About the Composers

Apollonio Maiello

Composer and pianist Apollonio Maiello juxtaposes aesthetic elements from a lot of genres. By collaborating with renowned artist both in music and the performing arts he has appeared as composer and pianist on festivals all around the world such as the Felicja Blumenthal Festival in Tel Aviv (Israel), the Theaterhaus Stuttgart (Germany), the ​Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ (Netherlands), Korzo Theater (Netherlands), the ​Teatro grande di Brescia (Italy), the Festival Barocco Alessandro Stradella (Italy), Stony Brook University New York (USA) and the ​Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele (Germany). As a composer he has been commissioned by Ensemble Sentieri Selvaggi (IT), Quartetto Indaco (IT), Sputter Box (USA), the Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra (USA), Molot Ensemble (RUS), Intercontinental Ensemble (NL), ShoutHouse Ensemble (USA), Zemlinsky Chamber Orchestra (NL) and by the Pierrot Quartett (GER). He has been awarded prizes at the International symphonic composition competition Michal Kleofas Oginski 2020, Steinway&Sons Jazz-Piano Preis 2016 Stuttgart and the Nationaler Yamaha Jazzklavier Wettbewerb 2017.

Arieh Chrem

Arieh Chrem (1998) is a Peruvian/Spanish composer and improviser, currently based in Amsterdam. With a particular interest on the conceptual and scenic aspects of musical performance, nowadays he focuses on experimental approaches to improvisation and interaction between musicians and electronics as well generative composition and interdisciplinary evening-length pieces. As part of this recent focus on performance, he regularly performs onstage both as pianist and a performer of electronics, developing projects and pieces with his closests friends and collaborators. His works have been performed around Europe and Latin America in venues such as Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, TivoliVredenburg, Frascati, L’Auditori, Palau de la Música Catalana and Kursaal Bern, and in festivals such as Gaudeamus, MIXTUR festival, Barcelona Modern Festival and Gstaad Menuhin Festival. Recently he founded Duo Replica together with violinist Natálie Kulina, a duo who “takes apart other people’s art in order to gain insight into it and put it back together into something new”.

Arjan Linker

Als makend, schrijvend en uitvoerend musicus streeft Arjan Linker (2000) in verschillende rollen één doel na: het creëren van nieuwe, onvergetelijke ervaringen voor zijn publiek. Als artistiek leider van het Nachtlicht Ensemble ontwikkelt hij spannende programma’s waarin dit publiek wordt meegenomen op avontuur langs nieuwe klanken en verfrissende ideeën die nog lang voortleven in hun gedachten. Het ensemble bestaat uit 10 musici met totaal verschillende achtergronden zoals jazz, hedendaags klassiek, metal en pop. Sinds haar oprichting in 2018 heeft Nachtlicht een nieuwe manier van programmeren en musiceren ontwikkeld en laat het zich gelden als een van Nederlands meest vooruitstrevende ensembles.

Naast het maken op grote schaal is Linker ook actief op microniveau: hij componeert gedetailleerd de stukjes die perfect in de puzzel van een programma passen, voor bezettingen variërend van symfonieorkest tot solo. Aan deze stukken werkte hij met verschillende orkesten, ensembles en solisten zoals het Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, het Ricciotti Ensemble, het Metropole Orkest, Bram van Sambeek, Brandt Attema en Sebastiaan Kemner met uitvoeringen in onder andere het Concertgebouw, de Doelen en TivoliVredenburg. Naast zijn akoestische werken maakt Linker vaak gebruik van live electronics, die de interactie aangaan met instrumentalisten. Deze live electronics vormen ook een groot deel van Linkers signatuur als trombonist en improvisator: zowel in zijn interdisciplinaire solo-performances als in zijn ensemblespel ondekt hij de mogelijkheden de combinatie van electronics met zijn instrument.

Als solist zoekt Linker vaak de samenwerking met visuele kunstenaars, met wie hij vanuit improvisatie interdisciplinaire voorstellingen ontwikkelt. In ensemblecontext is Linker actief in zijn eigen Nachtlicht Ensemble en Nymphéas Trombone Quartet, en andere ensembles zoals het jong Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. Linker studeert klassiek compositie en klassiek trombone aan het Conservatorium van Amsterdam, met hoofdvakdocenten Richard Ayres, Wim Henderickx, Willem Jeths en Meriç Artaç (compositie), en Jörgen van Rijen, Pierre Volders en Remko de Jager (trombone).

Béla Braack

Béla Braack (1995, Hamburg Germany) is studying composition at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Willem Jeths and Wim Henderickx. In his works he combines a poetic German language with a unique classical music approach. Therefore he creates a balance between the new and the old. Inspired by his earlier philosophy and jazz piano studies his focus lies on story telling with interdisciplinary and theatrical forms: his 2nd opera ADIOS was recently premiered in the Dutch National Opera at the 11th of March 2022. In addition to other awards his composition for Violin and Piano won the 1st Price at the „Rian de Waal Sichting - Competition for young composers“ in 2021 and he is holder of the Cusanuswerk-scholarship.

Elizabete Beāte Rudzinska

Elizabete Beāte Rudzinska (1997) is a Baltic composer, born in Latvia. Her compositional path began with her studies in Riga under the guidance of the noteworthy Latvian composer Andris Dzenītis. Elizabete Beāte moved to Amsterdam four years ago to study composition in the Conservatory. Today she considers Amsterdam her home. Elizabete Beāte doesn’t write notes that often any more. She composes environments, situations and lately a lot of motion pictures too. However she thinks she will most likely write notes again when she is older and has understood divine harmony a bit more. As for now she is happy filming theview from her window in Amsterdam and making performances for herself and friends. She also enjoys playing real classical music on her detuned piano and painting on occasion too. Elizabete Beāte is involved in an artistic unity with the dutch artist Dimitri Geelhoed. Together Elizabete Beāte’s and Dimitri’s complimentary creativities bring forth artworks that puzzle with their unconventional character. Elizabete Beāte has been accepted to continue master her skills in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, hence she is not going anywhere just quite yet.

Frieda Gustavs

Frieda Gustavs grew up traveling back and forth by train between Amsterdam and Stralsund, the latter being a small town on the shore of the Baltic sea. She studies composition at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. In 2018 she participated in an Erasmus exchange program and studied at the Musikhochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden. Her musical being was born and grew up in a choir, in the midst of the voices of people, her dearest instruments. She wrote progressive and lauded music for the Opera Forward Festival, the Holland Festival, Orgelpark Amsterdam, NEON choir for new music and Nieuw Vocaal Amsterdam. She finds inspiration in ancient polyphony, world music and contemporary artists of every genre. Her main interest lies with interdisciplinary projects, electronic music, choral music; anything that holds voice.


Henryk Golden

Henryk Golden (1999) is a composer of German and American descent, who focuses to juxtapose and to harmonize different elements of musical and non-musical nature. He studies his Masters with Richard Ayres and Maya Verlaak at the CvA. He completed his Bachelor studies at the KC with Diderik Wagenaar and Peter Adriaansz. He was awarded a bursary to partake in the Dartington Summer School. He is internationally performed with performances in the Wigmore Hall and the Philharmonie de Paris.

Melle Heij

Melle Heij (1997) is an Amsterdam-based composer specializing in instrumental, orchestral and vocal music. He graduated from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2020. Additionally, he writes articles for De Nieuwe Muze, an independent music magazine.
'The sheer range of different shapes and forms that beauty can encompass, from the introspective to the jubilant, from the desperate to the elegiac, is our privilege as composers to indulge in, and the transformative power of music as imagined and realized by the most sensitive and skillful individuals has drawn human beings into its inexhaustible world for generations beyond count.'

Philip Przybyło

Philip Przybyło (2000) also known as Opus Occvltiis, Helldegård and Where Birds Go To Die is a Polish-Canadian producer and composer based in Amsterdam. His music is rooted in industrial, punk and techno and aims to acheive maximal physicality of sound and intensity of expression. He was brought up in a classical education and started as a composer of contemporary music, a "medium" he occasionaly revisits such as with Meduza also perfromed at the festival.

Pia P. Reš

Pia P. Reš (Klagenfurt, 1993) is a Slovenian composer and performer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In her current compositional practice, she poses questions such as: ‘how to’, ‘what’ and ‘why’, and elaborates on ‘why’ and ‘how to’ use a composition to generate occurrences emphasizing the ‘what’. Pia is, alongside her artistic work, a managing director and producer at .alfabet, Institute for Research in Art, Critical Thought and Philosophy.

Wookie Milson

As Wookie Milson I make music for young people with old souls and old(er) people with working knees. I do this by listening very attentively, like the audience here. I scour flee markets, thrift stores and the trash in search of the black gold: vinyl records. Forgotten one-hit-wonders, schmaltzy muzak and ample yodelling are always on my radar. In my laboratory I translate the vinyl sounds to digital sounds and combine those with new parts written for cool, young musicians. You might know them as Bea Alvarez on viola, Yung-Hsu Shih on trombone and Rosanne van Bers on flute. At the Conservatorium van Amsterdam our paths crossed and the first plans for this supergroup were formed. It is our mission to bring popculture, lightness and humor to the stage, while embracing all things nice about music.