Composers' Festival Amsterdam

The Composers' Festival Amsterdam is a platform for the graduating composition students of the CvA to present their best works, most of them being world premieres. The astonishing diversity of the concerts offered a great palette of chamber music in various genres: vocal, instrumental, organ, electronic, music-theater and sound installations.

Composers' Festival 2018

The 2018 edition of the Composers' Festival takes place from May 11th-13th. This edition will feature works by, among others, Danai Belosinof, Carlo Diaz, Kate Honey, Simon Knighton, Matteo Nicolin, Nika Pasuri and Mariell Vain.


May 11th

18.00-22.30h room 803
.give me space - interactive installation by Nika Pasuri 
free entrance

20.15h Bernard Haitinkzaal
introducing the graduating composers of the festival
free entrance

20.45h Bernard Haitinkzaal
Score Collective
Mariell Vain - Awakening; Kate Honey - Motorway Song; Simon Knighton - The Acrobat and the Tightrope
free entrance

May 12th

12.00-17.30h room 803
.give me space - interactive installation by Nika Pasuri
free entrance

14.00h Amsterdam Blue Note
Simon Knighton - Quartets
free entrance

15.00h Amsterdam Blue Note
Matteo Nicolin - Bailamme
free entrance

16.00h Theaterzaal
Muziektheater: Danai Belosinof - Then I looked behind me and there was no-body; or… there? -Surfing Metal
free entrance

20.15h Orgelpark
The Woe
Nuno Lobo - Tempus Edax Rerum; Thomas Brown - Fantasia' Leon Haxby - Vondelpark in the Dark; Adam Łukawski - Abrahadabra; Nika Pasuri - Iterations
entrance €12,50; free for AHK students

May 13th

19.00h Concertgemaal
Stile Nu
Carlo Diaz - Extravagance
free entrance


Bernard Haitinkzaal, Amsterdam Blue Note, Theaterzaal, room 803: Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 151, Amsterdam
Orgelpark: Gerard Brandtstraat 26, Amsterdam
Het Concertgemaal: Landsmeerderdijk 213, Amsterdam