Prize-winning students 2009

Anton Spronk (15, student with Monique Bartels) has won the first prize for cello at the national competition organized by the 'Stichting Jong Muziektalent Nederland'. Alexander Warenberg (11, student with Monique Bartels) and Amke te Wies (15, student with Maarten Mostert) both won the second prize for cello. In the final, held in december, Anton Spronk won the second prize.

Pianist Folkert Oosterbeek (26) has received the annual grant of € 2.500,- from the Jazz Talent Foundation. The purpose of the grant is to support students who have recently graduated from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

The 'Kersjesprijs 2009', which amounts to € 50.000,- has been awarded to Ensemble Caméléon, with violist and CvA alumnus Joël Waterman. The 'Kersjes-vioolbeurs' with an amount of € 15.000,- has been awarded to violist Anna-Magdalena den Herder. Anna-Magdalena is currently studying with Marjolein Dispa, Joel Waterman is a former student with Marjolein Dispa.

Jeroen Veerman has won the second prize for viola at the national competition organized by the 'Stichting Jong Muziektalent Nederland'. Fraukje Weishaupt won the second prize for clarinet.

CvA graduate Natalia Dominguez Rangel has won the Teresa de Marez Oyens Prize 2009 for her composition Speech Perceptions. The TMO prize amounts to € 2000,-.

Choral conducting student Annemiek van der Ven has won the Tolosa Choral Contest with her vocal quintet Wishful Singing. The Tolosa Choral Contest is a prestigious competition for a capella ensembles.  

Francesca Thompson, recorder student in the master's degree programme, has won the second prize in the solo category at the International Competition of Contemporary Chamber Music in Krakow.

Pablo Marquez Caraballo, student with Pieter van Dijk, has won the third prize at the Buxtehude Organ Competition in Lübeck.

CvA students and alumni have won prizes at the ´IX. Internationaler Gottfried-Silbermann Orgelwettbewerb’ in Freiberg (Germany). The twenty-five participants competed in three rounds on period organs manufactured by Hildebrandt and Silbermann, and performed works by Weckmann, Dandrieu, Bach, Homilius and Ritter. The first prize was awarded to Gilles Leyers from Luxemburg, who studies with Jacques van Oortmerssen, additionally, he was awarded with the title ‘junger ECHO-Organist des Jahres’. David Schlaffke from Germany, who studies harpsichord with Menno van Delft, won the second prize and Gijs Boelen from the Netherlands, who studies with Jacques van Oortmerssen, won the third prize. An honourable fourth prize was won by Charlotte Marck from France, who studies with Pieter van Dijk.

CvA students and alumni have won prizes at the Musica Antiqua Competition 2009 in Bruges. Ensemble Estampes, with alumnus Julien Wolfs, harpsichord, won the first prize. The second prize was awarded to Ensemble Diamanté (Tomokazu Ujigawa, recorder, Rie Kimura, baroque violin, Aya Fukuma, harpsichord, and Bob Smith, baroque cello and viola da gamba).
Duo Bosgraaf and Elias have won the Grachtenfestivalprijs 2009. Erik Bosgraaf, studied recorder at the CvA with Walter van Hauwe and Paul Leenhouts. He is the third CvA student in a row to win the Grachtenfestivalprijs: in 2007 it was saxophonist Ties Mellema who won the prize and in 2008 violinist Lisa Jacobs.
Saxophonist Tineke Postma has won the ‘revelatieprijs’ at the Jazz à Juan Festival in France.

Organ student David Boos has won the third prize at the International Schnitger Organ Competition in Alkmaar. As a result, David has been placed for the Grand Prix d'Echo competiton in 2011, which also will take place in Alkmaar.

CvA students win prizes at IMPC competitions
Andrea Voets won the first prize for harp at the IMPC competition on June 14th. At the IMPC competition for cello on June 7th Amke te Wies won the first prize. Anton Spronk, Emma Kroon en Emma Besselaar all won second prizes. Fraukje Weishaupt won the firzt prize for clarinet at the IPMC competition on June 6th. The IMPC Competitions are organized by the Stichting Jong Muziektalent Nederland, an organization for the promotion of young talents.

Young talents from the Junior Jazz College, the CvA Young Talents Department have won prizes at the IJazzfestival from June 5th-7th in Amsterdam. Pianist Casper Tromp won the prize for Best Musician on June 5th. JJC Ensemble 2, conducted by Peter Guidi, won the de IJAZZ Award for Best Ensemble on June 6th.

Junior Jazz student Sanne Huijbregts, vocals, has won the prize for Best Soloist for her performance with the Jazz Focus Big Band, conducted by Peter Guidi, at the Meer Jazz Big Band Competition in Hoofddorp in May.
On May 16th, Charlotte Marck, organ student with Pieter van Dijk, has won the third prize at the Hinz Composition Competition for her performance of her piece Deux danses pour Grand-Orgue.

The Christian Pabst Trio have won the AmstersfoortJazz Talent Award. De band won an amount of € 2.500,- and a performance ar the Amersfoort Jazz Festival in 2010.

Guitarist Johannes Möller, who studies with Lex Eisenhardt, has won the European Guitar Award, an award for guitarists who perform their own compositions. The competition took place on 19th in Dresden. The jury was made up of famous musical personalities like Roland Dyens, Martin Taylor and Pavel Steidl. As a part of the prize Johannes will record a CD with his own guitar compositions on Wildnerrecords as well as tour together with the other award winners. (6-5-2009)

CvA graduate Matthias Havinga has won the first prize at the 'Third Kotka International Organ Competition 2009'. Matthias Havinga, who studied with Jacques van Oortmerssen and graudated cum laude in 2008 cum, won an amount of € 10.000,-
The band WEIZZ have won the final of the first Keep an Eye Jazz Award op. Morris Kliphuis won the prize for best soloist.  

Cellist Keti Roinishvili has won the second prize at the International Servais Cello Competition on April 19th in Gent. She won an amount of € 1500,- for the best performance of a composition by Servais. (21-4-2009)
Saxophonist Lars Niederstrasser has won a grant of € 1000,- at the Deutscher Musikwettbewerb. (31-3-2009)
Violinist Amarins Wierdsma has won the first prize at the Prinses Christina Competition West 1 in the age 15-19 category. (31-3-2009)
Soprano Laila Sbaiti (28) has won the tenth Deutekom Opera Competition on March 14th.  gewonnen. Laila Sbaiti studied at the CvA with Claron McFadden and Margreet Honig and continuated her studies at the Dutch National Opera Academy

Melissa Venema, trumpet, and Amke te Wies, cello, have won the first and the third prize at the Prinses Christina Competition West 2 in the age 12-14 category. In the age category 15-19 the duo Jeanine van Amsterdam, violin, and Vincent van Amsterdam, accordion, won the second prize. Pianist Camiel Boomsma won the second prize as well in this category. (10-3-2009

Bassist Clemens van der Feen (CvA graduate), hornist Morris Kliphuis (CvA student) and pianist Kaja Draksler will go to the final of the Deloitte Jazz Award 2009, which will take place on Wednesday April 8 2009 at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. (4-3-2009) 

Violist Saeko Oguma has won the first National Viola Competition. According to the jury she excelled technically as wel als artistically. Anna-Magdalena den Herder and Marc Sabbah both won the second prize. Saeko, Anna-Magdalena and Marc are all studying at the CvA.

Berlage Saxophone Quartet, with Lars Niederstrasser, Peter Vigh, Kirstin Niederstrasser en Eva van Grinsven, who are all studying with Arno Bornkamp, have won the first prize at the Selmer Saxophone Quartet Competition in Enschede. (10-2-2009)

Anne Guus Teerhuis has won the first prize at the 2009 YPF Jazz Piano Competition. Sri Hanuraga won the second prize. (28-1-2009)

Trio 'Otono', an ensemble of CvA students Yukie Yamaguchi (violin, studying with Lucy van Dael), Keiko Shichijo (fortepiano, studying with Stanley Hoogland) and Gideon den Herder (cello, studying with Jaap ter Linden) has won the first prize at the Early Music Competition 'À tre', January 19-23 in Trossingen. (24-1-2009)

Park,Sweelinck Academy violin student, has won the first prize in the category 12-14 years old at the ‘Prinses Christina Concours Oost’. She also won the audience prize. CvA harp student Andrea Voets has won the first prize in the category ‘conservatory’; double bass player Servaas Jessen won the second prize in this category. Kim Spierenburg, Sweelinck Academy violin student has won the third prize in the category 15 -19 years old. (13-1-2009)