Prize-winning students 2010

On December 20th Blake Weston, clarinet student, has won the second prize at the International Clarinet Competition 'Marco Fiorindo' in Turin, Italy, on December.

Pop student Uri Dijk, has won the first prize at the 'Grote Prijs van Nederland' competition with his band Ethereal. He also won the de SAE Institute prize for Best Musician. The Fudge, a band formed by students from the Pop Department, won the second prize and the MCN Audience prize.

Felipe Ignacio Noriega, fourth-year composition student, has won the composition competition of the Tromp Percussion Festival on November 20th, with his work for percussion quartet, performed by CvA percussion students Arend Bruijn, Michel Zanders, Michel Buijsse en Roy Derix. The prize consists of € 1500,-, publication of the work by Donemus and a commission for the 2011 festival.

Many CvA students have won prizes at the Prinses Christina Jazz Competition 2010. In de category ‘conservatory’ both first prizes were won by CvA bands: the Alex Koo/Lennart Heyndels Trio (Alex Derudder, piano; Lennart Heyndels, double bass; Francesco De Rubeis, drums), and the Matiss Cudars Trio (Matiss Cudars, guitar; Lennart Heyndels, double bass). Pianist Stefan Bos (14) won the first prize in category 1, 12 - 15 years of age. The soloist prize was won by singer Sanne Huijbregts. Bop This! (Gidon Nunes Vaz, trumpet; Eelco van der Wel, saxophone; Stefan Franssen, drums; Jelle van der Meulen, piano, Breno Leitholdt Viricimo, double bass) won an incentive prize and Gideon Tazelaar (13), received a special honour.

Ineke Hellingman, piano student with Marjes Benoist, has won the first prize for sight reading at the First International Freestyle Piano Competition in Bern, Switzerland (

Norbert Kögging has won the second prize at the international competition for jazz vocalists in Finsterwalde, Germany. Norbert graduated from the jazz vocal master's degree programme in May 2010.

On November 7th, Ralph van Raat received the NTR- (the former NPS-) prize 'Prijs Klassiek'. He was awarded the prize for his promotion of 'Comosping in The Netherlands'. Ralph graduated from the Classical piano master's degree programme in 2002.

The Amsterdam Chamber Soloists (Tijmen Huijsing, violin; Anna-Magdalena den Herder, violin; Charles Watt, cello; Thomas Beijer, piano) and pianist Thomas Beijer (solo), have been chosen as winners of the Vriendenkrans Concours/Het Debuut. The next eighteen months they will follow the Tour & Concours-programme organised by the Vriendenkrans Concours/Het Debuut.

Tania Sikelianou has won the first prize (€ 2000,-) at the international composition competition in Greece, for her new opera Hellike Athanatos. Tania studied with Wim Henderickx at the CvA and graduated from the master's degree programme in 2008.

Noa Wildschut (2001) has won the International Louis Spohr Wettbewerb in the age group up to 14 years old. The prize amounts to € 1.500,-. The Louis Spohr competition, organised by the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar, takes place every three years. Noa Wildschut studies with Coosje Wijzenbeek at the is Sweelinck Academy, the CvA Young Talents class.

Pianist Hannes Minaar has been awarded the Elisabeth Evertsprijs (amounting to € 7000,-).

Piano student Camiel Boomsma has won a first prize and the prize for best performance of a work by Franz Liszt at the National Competition of the 'Stichting Jong Muziektalent Nederland'. Additionally, he has been invoted to play at the National Final on November 21 in Rotterdam.

Rie Kimura, master's degree student baroque violin with Lucy van Dael, has won the second prize and the audience prize at the IV Baroque Violin International Competition Premio Bonporti in Rovereto, Italië. A first prize was not awarded.

Lars Niederstrasser has won the second prize and Kirstin Niederstrasser the third prize at the seventh International Saxophone Competition in Nuremberg. Lars studies with Arno Bornkamp in the second year of the master's degree programme, Kirstin graduated from the CvA in 2010 and studies at the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne. They both play in the Berlage Saxophone Quartet.

Lars Niederstrasser has won the prestigious ECHO der Klassiek 2010 for the CD Flying Saxophone Circus he recorded with his saxophone ensemble Selmer Saxharmonic. Lars Niederstrasser studies with Arno Bornkamp at the CvA master's programme.

Stefan Donner, organ student with Jacques van Oortmerssen, has won the first prize (€ 5.000,-) at the Franz-Schmidt-Orgelwettbewerb 2010 in Austria. Stefan studies at the CvA as an an exchange student in the Erasmus programme.

Master composition student Giuliano Bracci has received an honourable mention at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek for his orchestral work Da uno spazio bianco. The performance took place on Saturday September 11 at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ by Holland Symfonia conducted by Hans Leenders.

Eri Takeguchi, CvA alumna who studied organ with Pieter van Dijk, has won the first prize at the Third International Organ Competition Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. It was the first time that the first prize was awarded. Eri graduated from the CvA master degree programme in 2008.

Atsuko Takano and Gijs Boelen, organ students with Jacques van Oortmerssen, have won prizes at the prestigious International Schnitger Organ Competition in Bremen. Atsuko Takano won de second prize and Gijs Boelen the third.

Four students have won prizes at the selcetion competition organized by Stichting Jong Muziektalent Nederland. Joachim Cortvrint, who studies trumpet at the Sweelinck Academy, won the first prize in category A2. The second prize in category C was awarded to pianist Camiel Boomsma and the third prize in the same category to pianist Corinna Klostermann. Guitarist Daniel Antonie, won the third prize in category B. Camiel Boomsma has been selected to participate in the National Competition on October 30.

Prawira Pijloo (11), who sudites guitar with Lex Eisenhardt at the Sweelinck Academy, has won the talent scouting of Concertgebouw Open.

Vocal ensemble Wishful Singing, led by CvA graduate Annemiek van der Ven, has won the audience award at the International A Cappella Contest in Leipzig.

CvA graduate Hannes Minnaar has won the third prize at the Queen Elisabeth Competition for Piano in Belgium. This is the highest ranking ever achieved by a Dutch pianist.

The piano duo Lestari Scholtes/Gwylim Janssens has won the 'Vriendenkrans' and 'Radio 4 Talent van het Jaar 2010'. Lestari Scholtes is a CvA graduate.

Anton Mecht Spronk (15), cello student with Monique Bartels, has won on April 25 the first prize in the national final of the Prinses Christina Competition, in the age group of 15-19 years of age.

At the Young Pianist Foundation Piano Competition (April 15-25), He Chang has won the first prize of € 2500,-, in the age group up to 15 years of age. He Chang studies with Marjes Benoist and Marcel Baudet at the Sweelinck Academy. In the final, Tobias Borsboom, student with Jan Wijn, won the third prize for his performance of Rachmaninov's Second piano concerto.

Ephrem Cortvrint has been invited by the Mozart Stiftung in Salzburg to give a concert on Mozart's violin. Ephrem (12) studies the violin at the Sweelinck Academy with Ilya Grubert. His outstanding performance during improvisation lessons, taught by Galina Vracheva, led the Mozart Stiftung to invite him to give a concert on June 15, 2010, on Mozart's violin, which he is allowed to play for this highly exceptional occasion. Accompanied by Galina Vracheva he will improvise on a theme by Mozart.

Another victory for The Fudge; the CvA band has won the Make More Music competition, a competition for Dutch student bands

The band The Fudge, a band formed by students from the CvA Pop Music Department, has won the Queen's Night Band Contest in The Hague. On April 29th the band will open the Queen's Night concert on the Grote Markt in The Hague.

Theband Actuum from Conservatoire de Paris has won the European Keep an Eye Jazz Award 2010 on April 17th at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. The band Deko Motion, formed by CvA students, won the second prize..

On April 12, Flutist Ryu Cipris, who studies with Marieke Schneemann, has won the first prize at the Benelux Flute Competition.

Melissa Venema, trumpet student at the Sweelinck Academy (Young Talents Department), has won the third prize at the International Chicago Brass Festival Competition in Chicago in March 2010. The 14-year-old was by far the youngest finalist.

Violinist Emma Roijackers (14), who studies with Lex Korff de Gidts at the Sweelinck Academy, has won the third prize at the Prinses Christina Competition Zuid in Den Bosch in the category 12-14 years of age.

Pianist Wakana Shimizu (19), has won the first prize at the Prinses Christina Competition West 2 in Haarlem in the ‘conservatory’ category in Februari 2010. Pianist Camiel Boomsma (19) won the second prize in this category. Svenja Staats (13), violin, won the second prize in the category 12-14 years of age. In the category 15-19 years of age  violinist Kim Spierenburg (16) won the second prize. The Brackman Trio (Anne Brackman, piano (13) Tim Brackman, violin (16), CvA student Jonathan van IJzerlooij, cello (17)) also won the second prize. The third prize was awarded to trumpetist Rianne Schoemaker (16).