Prize-winning students 2007

On December 2, piano teacher Daniël Kramer received an honourable mention at the Messiaen Competition in Paris. (18-12-07)

Jazz pianist Gideon van Gelder has won the Prize for Young Jazz Talent (4-12-07).

In November, students from Henk van Twillert's saxophone class have participated in the seventh Concorso Internazionale di Musica per Giovani Interpreti in Chieri (Italy). In the A category (up to 20 years old) Tine van der Geest won the first prize and Menne Smallenbroek the third. In the chamber music category saxophone ensemble Vento do Norte won the first prize (ex aequo). (27-11-07)

Former CvA student Christianne Stotijn has won the 'Nederlandse Muziekprijs 2008'. The prize will be awarded to her on March 8, 2008, during a performance of Berlioz' Les nuits d'été with the Residentie Orkest o.l.v. Marc Minkowski in The Hague. The Nederlandse Muziekprijs is the most important music prize in The Netherlands. (14-11-07) More information >>

Violinist Maria Milchtein has won the second prize at the XIth International Violin Competition 'Citta di Brescia'. The competition was held in Brescia, Italy, from the 22nd to the 29th of October. No first prize was awarded. More information

Annelies Vrieswijk, Eva van Grinsven and Juani Palop, who are all saxophone students with Arno Bornkamp, have reached the final of the international woodwinds competition 'Pacem in Terris' in Bayreuth. Juani Palop won the fourth prize in the final. (11-10-07)

On September 21, Gonçalo Silva has won the first price in the National Cello Competition in Portugal. He won EUR 2000,-, as well as a scholarschip of EUR 1500,- for master-classes from the Gulbenkian Foundation, plus a concert with the Gulbenkian Orchestra with the first movement of Dvorák cello concerto, which took place on the 5th of October at the big hall of the Gulbenkian Foundation and was live broadcast to the national classical radio and recorded to the national TV channel. He also got radio recordings and recitals in the major national and international music festivals in Portugal, a contract with the Metropolitana Orchestra for replacements and one solo concert with the Algarve Orquestra. (11-10-07)

Gilberto Bernardes, master's degree saxophone student with Henk van Twillert, won the second prize in the Second 'Victor Santos' International Saxophone Competition (Portugal, July 2007), in which the president of the jury was Mario Marzi (Italy). Roberto Genova, master's degree saxophone student with Henk van Twillert, won the third prize in the International Slovenian Saxophone Competition (July 2007). The president of the jury was Claude Delangle (France).

Jean-Luc Thellin, who studies organ (master degree programme) with Pieter van Dijk, has won the third prize at the international Curlionis Competition in Vilnius (Lithuania). (2-10-07)

Viola student Joost Keizer, who studies with Marjolein Dispa, has won the 'Labbertehoedemakersprijs' at the Peter de Grote Festival in Groningen (The Netherlands). The Labbertehoedemakersprijs amounts to EUR 1000 and is awarded to young, talented musicians who are starting their career. (25-9-07)

Luis Andre Ferreira, master' degree cello student with Monique Bartels, has been chosen after an audition to be the Principal Solo Cello of the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra. He has also been invited to perform  Dvorak's Silent Woods solo with this orchestra on a festival in Lisbon in April. The Portuguese Chamber Orchestra was founded early in 2007 with the aim of creating a forum for Portuguese (or Portuguese-based) instrumentalists and conductors. Read more >>

During the Gaudeamus Music Week, Max Knigge has won the 'NOG Aanmoedigingsprijs' for his composition Nazomer. (11-9-07)

On July 14, Tine van den Geest, saxophone student with Henk Van Twillert, has won the first prize in the junior category at the Second International Saxophone Competition 'Vitor Santos' in Palmela, Portugal. (23-8-07)

Francesco Corti (student with Bob van Asperen) and Julien Wolfs (student with Menno van Delft) have won the second prize ex-aequo at the 'Musica Antiqua' Harpsichord Competiton te Brugge (Belgium). Julien also won the Prize of the Audience. (14-8-07) More information

Luba Benediktovitch, flute student with Harrie Starreveld, has won the third prize at the Competition Citta di Ovada in Italy on July 15. (14-8-07)

Julia Tamminen has won the second prize at the International Schnitger Organ Competition. The third prize has been awarded to Gábor Sóos. Both are studying with Pieter van Dijk. (3-7-07)

Duo Sax & Stix (saxophonist Eva van Grinsven, student with Arno Bornkamp, and percussionist Ramon Lormans, student with Peter Prommel) have won the audience prize and the jury prize at the Almere Chamber Music Competition 2007. (3-7-07)

Gijs Boelen, organ student with Jacques van Oortmerssen, has won the second prize at the International Organ Competition in Odense (Denmark). (28-6-07)

Saxophonist Ben van Gelder has won the Deloitte Jazz Award 2007. Van Gelder received an amount of EUR 20.000,- and will give a concert at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, in July. (26-6-07)

Violinist Nora van der Stelt and pianist Daniel Kramer have won the prize for best interpretation of Catch by Otto Ketting at the Oskar Back Competition on May 15 and 16. Sjaan Oomen, who studies with Ilya Grubert, has won the BNG incentive prize. (22-5-07)

The band JaZZesT with lead singer Julia Oschewsky has won the second prize at the national Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award contest. (16-5-07)

The band '1964 - Wayne Shorter Music Project' has been very successful in a  jazzcompetiton at the Jazz on the Oder Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. Two band members, bassplayer Pawel Pastuszka, and saxophonist Joao Driessen, won two of the four prizes for soloists. (26-4-07)

Violinist Elisabeth Kohler has won the second prize at the 6th International Júlio Cardona Competition in Portugal. (26-4-07)

Violist Shasta Ellenbogen has won the first prize in the national final of the Prinses Christina Competition. (17-4-07)

On March 26, 2007, Henry Villca Suntura won the Yamaha Competition for singers. (29-3-07)

On March 25, Thomas Beijer, piano student with Jan Wijn, won the grand final of the Young Pianist Foundation Piano Competition in group B/C/D (age 16-27). The CvA was well represented: five of the six finalists were CvA students. The second prize was awarded to Hannes Minnaar and the third to Nikolaas Kende. In group A (age 13-15) two students of Marjes Benoist proved to be successfull: Noa Kleisen won the second prize and Tim Deelen the third. (29-3-07)

Miriam Overlach, harp student with Erika Waardenburg, has won the 'Vriendenkrans' competition 2007. The 'Vriendenkrans' is an annual prize for young, promising artists. Five harpistst have won the prize since its first presentation in 1949: Erika Waardenburg herself in 1977, and four of her students: Lenie de Meij (1995), Danielle Riegel (2000), Lavinia Meijer (2005), and Miriam Overlach (2007). More information:

Saxophonist Gordan Tudor, former student with Arno Bornkamp, has won the 'Judita', one of the most prestigious awards in Croatia for the best concert during Split Summer Festival 2006. (13-3-07)

Two CvA students have won prizes at the 'Prinses Christina Concours' competitions. Anna Magdalena den Herder (a student of Marjolein Dispa) has won the firstst prize in Enschede, and Shasta Ellenbogen (a student of Sven Arne Tepl) has won the first prize in Haarlem. (14-2-2007)

Sabine Wüthrich has been awarded the Jo Bollekamp Prize at the presentation concert organized by the 'Stichting Nederlandse Vocalisten Presentatie'. The objective of this concert is to present young vocalists to Dutch oratorio choirs. (13-2-07)

Esra Dalfidan has won the Jazz Vocalist Competition in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Pianist Ruben Hein, who also performs as a vocalist, has won the second prize. (6-2-07)

Thomas Beijer (18, piano student with Jan Wijn), has been awarded the title 'Young Musical Talent of the Year 2006' during the final of a national contest for young musicians (?Nationaal Concours Stichting Jong Muziektalent Nederland?). He received an extra prize for the best performance of a work by a Dutch composer. (16-1-07)