Two new senior researchers: Atser Damsma and Carolien Hermans

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As of March 1, 2024, the Music Research Division welcomes two new senior researchers: Atser Damsma and Carolien Hermans!

Atser Damsma has a background in neuroscience and music cognition and in recent years worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam. He is active as an electronic musician and is involved in several music and art projects. As senior researcher, Atser will focus on the development, application and impact of technology in the field of music. This research will focus on new forms of musical expression and should lead to wider accessibility of music education and give music students a better chance of finding meaningful work in the cultural field.

Carolien Hermans is a familiar face at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. She has a background in dance/choreography and pedagogy and has been working as senior researcher at the Bachelor of Music Education and the Master of Musical Leadership since 2011. She also received her PhD in 2023 for an artistic research project at ACPA (Academy for Creative and Performing Arts), Leiden University, on creative processes and embodied cognition. She is also a senior researcher at the Societal Impact Design research group at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. As senior researcher, Carolien will focus on the theme of 'musical learning cultures'. This involves research into the transfer of musical knowledge and skills in various places in the Amsterdam metropolitan area, with the aim of establishing exchanges that can reduce the distance between learning cultures (including that of the CvA).

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