Ethan van der Velden (14) wins Archipel Muziekconcours

Photo: Studio 040/Alain Heeren

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Fourteen-year-old pianist Ethan van der Velden (14) has won the Archipel Music Competition 2022. ‘Van der Velden played with a deep understanding of the music and with technical freedom,' said the jury. ‘Moreover, he knew how to convey the story behind the notes.’ The prize consists of an amount of € 1000.

The Music Competition is an initiative of the Friends of Archipel Foundation in Eindhoven; the two preliminary rounds took place in Archipel care centres, where the participants performed for residents and clients. Six candidates were selected from the preliminary rounds to perform in the final at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. 

Ethan studies with Marianne Boer and Borys Fedorov at the Sweelinck Academy for young talents. 

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