Prizes for Martí Mitjavila Trio and NAUSYQA at Grachtenfestival Jazz Competition

Marti Mitjavila Trio. Photo: Grachtenfestival

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The Martí Mitjavila Trio has won the Jury Prize at the second edition of the Grachtenfestival Jazz Competition. ‘The Martí Mitjavila Trio stood out with their subtle, lyrical and cohesive sound,’ says jury chair Frank van Berkel. ‘The piece he dedicated to his mother was beautiful and it touched all the jury members.’

NAUSYQA won the Denise Jannah Award. Denise Jannah: ‘With NAUSYQA I felt like Denise in Wonderland, I immensely enjoyed the wonderful soundscapes and landscapes they created on stage.’

The Fried Seven impressed with their professional presentation and received an honourable mention.

Alle bands will perform at the next Grachtenfestival, from 12-21 August, 2022.

NAUSYQA. Photo: Grachtenfestival